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March 20, 2015

Location: Casting, Downtown Disney

Walt Disney World is home to some of the greatest shows, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and theme parks the world has to offer. The most important factor to bring this magical place to life is the Cast Members found throughout property. With more than 65,000 people helping create the magic, one might often wonder where this group of amazing people got their start. It's simple really. Just across from Downtown Disney, you can find the Casting building, where every (modern day) Cast Member gets their start.

Disney World Casting

Here Cast Members can interview for their jobs and get some of their basic paperwork taken care of. The front entrance, however, is home to a reference to an often overlooked Disney character. Back in 1951, Disney released the animated classic, Alice in Wonderland. While all of the characters found within the film can be found in the original books, one character was made specifically for the film and can be found at the entrance to the Casting building:

Alice in Wondernad Doorknob

That's right! The doorknob from the film can be found at the entrance. Why? Just to show hopeful cast members that some doors may be impassible, but nothing is impossible!


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