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Fun Find Friday

December 20, 2013

Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

With Saving Mr. Banks being released today, audiences get a sneak peek into the creation of Mary Poppins. As the film shows, no detail in the film is overlooked while creating the film that has been delighting guests for nearly 50 years. What happens to all these props after the film ends? One of them made way to the most exclusive spot in Disneyland: Club 33.

Club 33

Just after ascending the stairs to the second floor, guests can either go right (to the trophy room) or left (to the main dining room). If you head towards the main dining area guests will head down a small hallway which travels above the heads of guests below. On the left hand side you can find a picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle above a two legged table.

While the two legged table may seem fairly insignificant, it is actually a prop from the Banks family foyer! Take a look at the two legged table in Club 33 below!

Mary Poppins prop in Club 33


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