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Fun Find Friday

June 9, 2017

Location: Contemporary

The monorail offers up some of the most unique views found throughout the Walt Disney World resort whether it's sailing by Spaceship Earth or traveling through the Contemporary. One monorail loop features a very unique view that can only be seen from that specific monorail loop. For guests traveling upon the Magic Kingdom Express loop from the Ticket and Transportation Center to the Magic Kingdom, guests can find a statue of Mickey that is difficult to see from anywhere else.

Just before entering the Contemporary, take a look at the building on the right hand side to find Mickey sitting on the ledge in metal form:

Hidden Mickey at Contemporary

If this Mickey seems familiar, it should to guests who have explored the grounds of the Contemporary! After exiting the lobby of the resort through the back door, guests can find a perfect photo opportunity of Mickey Mouse sitting on a pair of Mickey ears! The metal design is exactly the same as the one found sitting on the building!

Mickey at Contemporary



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