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Fun Find Friday

December 5, 2014

Location: Contemporary

113 years ago, Walt Disney was born. While the man who inspired Walt Disney World never had a chance to see its completion, one of his favorite artists, Mary Blair, played a huge part in the art design in the middle of the Contemporary Resort.

In the center of  of the fourth floor, guests can lay their eyes upon a 90 foot tall mural which helps provide the name for the area: The Grand Canyon Concourse. While the mural shows off the art style that has made Blair famous in the Disney community, one part of the mural has an interesting detail waiting for guests to discover.

Grand Canyon Concourse

While looking at the wall that runs parallel to the monorail track, you can find an image on the top right corner that most people won't notice at first glance:

Five Legged Goat

Do you see it? Here guests can find two mountain goats, but the one on the left has an interesting detail added to it: a fifth leg! That's right, one of the goats has five legs! Why is that? While Mary Blair's artwork is practically perfect in every day, she decided to add a fifth leg to this goat to symbolize the fact that nothing is actually perfect.


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