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Fun Find Friday

February 3, 2017

Location: Parking Lot, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Do you remember the wand that was placed over Spaceship Earth? The wand was placed there originally as part of the Millennium Celebration that occurred throughout Walt Disney World in the year 2000. In order to celebrate, Disney released a special logo for the year that featured the number 2000 with the three circles creating a Mickey. The logo was scattered everywhere throughout property and while most references of the logo are gone, there's one that remains in a most obscure location.

Dinosaur 38

That's right In row Dinosaur 38 of the Disney's Animal Kingdom parking lot is where we are heading today. If you were to walk to the first light pole found in the aisle, take a look on the ground towards the front of the parking spot associated with the pole. Here you will find the remnants of the logo still paved into the ground:

Disney millennium logo


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