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Fun Find Friday

December 2, 2016

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland

There is a long time debate about which is better: Walt Disney World or Disneyland. I love both parks, but every time I'm in Disneyland I can't help but joke around with friends about how small Sleeping Beauty Castle is in comparison to Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World. I will admit though, that while the caslte is small, it's impressive everything that Disney has fit into the castle. In addition to the impressive walk through, there is also a shop called the Enchanted Chamber on the first floor.

Within the shop is a nod to the 1959 classic, Sleeping Beauty. During the film Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are in their cottage preparing for Aurora's birthday. One of the tasks at hand is creating a birthday cake without using magic. Due to their inexperience with baking, the cake is created with disastrous results. Don't remember the scene? Just stop by the Enchanted Chamber to discover the fairies final result:

Enchanted Chamber


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