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Fun Find Friday

April 14, 2017

Location: Main Street, USA, Disneyland Paris

Two days ago, Disneyland Paris celebrated it's 25th anniversary since it first opened up (as Euro Disney). Keeping the tradition that began with Disneyland, Paris' park also has a Main Street, USA which features a massive storm known as The Emporium. Within the shop, guests can buy various souvenirs scattered within some Fun Finds just waiting to be discovered.

Behind two of the counters are murals depicting two other emporiums found throughout the world. One of these murals depicts the original Emporium featured in Disneyland:

Disneyland Paris Emporium

Throughout most of the park there are tributes to Walt Disney and his impact of dreaming up Disneyland leading to the eventual creating of Disneyland Paris. The dedication plaque in Town Square is almost verbatim to Walt's opening speech in Disneyland in 1955, there's a street dedicated to Walt and Roy and the Studios park next door, and then there's the nod to Walt in the mural here.

As you can see in the picture above, the Disneyland Emporium apparently opened in 1855, 100 years prior to the park's actual opening, while the proprietor found here is Walt Disney himself!

Disneyland Paris Emporium Walt Disney


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