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Fun Find Friday

November 21, 2014

Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

"Dead men tell no tales..." We've all heard this famous line in the classic attraction Pirates of the Caribbean, but we are quickly shown that dead men do in fact tell tales. What most visitors to Disneyland don't realize, however, is how true this statement actually is.

While a lot of people have heard about a ghost named George that haunts the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean, most people don't know the terrifying truth behind Disneyland's version of the attraction. The fun find we will be exploring this week takes place in this extremly detailed room in Disneyland's Pirates:

Pirates of the Caribbean real skelton

Here we see an every day sighting of a pirate skeleton chilling in his bed. Nothing out of the ordinary here, right? Wrong! Take a look at the headboard of the bed. It is here where we realize that the pirate's skull and crossbones aren't the only one present here, but another pirate skull adorns the bed. I know what you are thinking: so what? a skull and crossbones is the international symbol for pirate. While that is true, there is more to the headstand skull and crossbones than meets the eye.

When the attraction was first under construction, a local medical school provided real skeletons to Imagineers so the pirate bones in the attraction would look realistic enough. Over the years, all of these skeletons have been replaced at one time or another, with the exception of one. The skull and crossbones positioned there on the bed! So, it looks like dead men truly do tell tales after all.


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