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Fun Find Friday

February 13, 2015

Location: Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland

Mickey's house in Toontown is full of details that most guests simply walk by without ever giving a second glance. Not only do these details help give guests insight into the relationship between Mickey and Walt Disney himself, but they also give us a history lesson that deals with the Walt Disney Company. While in Mickey Mouse's living room, you can find his passport open for all to see:

Mickey Mouse's passport

While some of the details found here are fairly obvious such as Mickey's birthday being November 18, 1928, the release date of Steamboat Willie, other details show just what a busy mouse Mickey is. Take a look at the stamps on Mickey's passport:

Mickey Mouse's Passport

On the stamp portion of his booklet we can see that Mickey has made a point of being at various Disney parks openings throughout the years (and apparently he doesn't arrive at the destination until the day of the openings). On the top left corner we see the opening date of Walt Disney World shown (October 1, 1971), along with the location (Orlando, Florida). More difficult to see is the top right corner where we can find the opening date of Tokyo Disneyland (15 April, 1983) along with the location of Tokyo, Japan. Finally on the bottom left corner we see that Mickey flew into Charles de Gaulle to attend the opening of Euro Disney on the 12th of Avril (French for April), 1992 where the park opened in Paris, France.

While one may notice that the bottom left corner is blank despite Hong Kong Disneyland opening up on September 12, 2005, one should remember that Mickey's house, along with Disneyland's version of Toontown, opened up in January of 1993. Due to this, Mickey's passport has obviously been overlooked during refurbs throughout the years to update Hong Kong (and soon Shanghai) to the mix.

While you could pass it off by saying that Mickey would need a new passport in that time, there is a continuity error present as well. If you are over the age of 16, as Mickey clearly is, you only need to update your passport every ten years. Therefore, after Mickey obtained his passport stamp for Paris, France, he would have gotten a new passport. At the same time, however, Mickey would have had a different passport booklet for his visit to Walt Disney World in 1971 (which he wouldn't even need a passport for since he would be in the same country) and his trip to Tokyo in 1983, however, he could have had the same passport for Tokyo and Paris since they are within ten years of each other.

Obviously I have thought about this passport booklet way more than any human being should, but overall, it's a nice little find just waiting for you to discover!


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