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Fun Find Friday

August 14, 2015

Location: Toontown, Disneyland

Disney always does a great job of honoring its past in the most subtle ways. Back in 1970 when Dave Smith was brought into the company as its first archivist, it resulted in the Walt Disney Studios being the first major Hollywood studio to actually create their own archives. Due to this love of the past, today we are going to be taking a look at one of the tributes to the Disney company before it was even founded!

If you take a look at the Library in the back of Toontown you may notice two windows with writing upon them on the top right corner. The two windows read:

"Laugh-O-gram Films, Inc. A reel of Fun" and "Laugh-O-gram Films, Inc. W.E. Disney Directing Animator"

Laugh-O-Gram in Toontown

So what do these two windows symbolize and how does this connect us with to Disney's early years? From 1921 through 1923Walt, and his long time friend and collaborator Ub Iwerks created the Laugh-O-Gram Studios where they produced some mediocre short animated films. Eventually the store closed up shop and was recreated as The Walt Disney Company!


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