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Fun Find Friday


April 22, 2011

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

It's Earth Day so naturally I'm going to be talking about a fun find in Disney's Animal Kingdom (which is celebrating it's 13th birthday today)!

For anyone who has ever watched the W.E.D.nesday Show! or read my Fun Find Fridays, you have probably realized by now that numbers found throughout Walt Disney World aren't just random, but really have some meaning behind it. For instance, take a look at the picture above. Here we can find a road sign for US 498.

Why 498? Well, I'll give you a hint. It's the 13th anniversary of Disney's Animal Kingdom today, which means it would have opened on April 22, 1998, or 4/22/98. Get rid of the 22 and you've got 498!

I know, "Brent, pretty cool fun find, but you gave it to us right off the bat in the picture." True, so class, please gather on the carpet because it's story time! The road that travels all the way through Dinoland, USA, which we all now know from the picture is US 498 (with the county being Diggs County) has an interesting story to it.

After dinosaur bones were discovered here years before (as the story goes), this town was similar to Radiator Springs....forgotten, broken down, and scarcely populated. When the dinosaur bones were first discovered though, people began to travel down US 498 to visit the now popular Dino Institute or go to the poorly constructed Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama area created by local married couple Chester and Hester.

In fact, if you continue down to the end of the road you can find the parking lot for Chester and Hester's. You can tell what business has done to these (now greedy) locals. While parking use to cost 50 cents, Chester and Hester have upped the price to meet demands by charging $2 for parking.

This parking lot sign is just the beginning of the Chester and Hester story though. In fact, Chester and Hester have a lot more fun finds up their sleeves for us, but it all starts with us cruising down good ol' US 498 to the parking lot. Now that we've parked, the Fun Finds will really begin!

Happy Birthday Disney's Animal Kingdom!

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