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Fun Find Friday

May 4, 2012

Location: Dinoland, USA

When people think of Disney and superheroes their thoughts most likely wonder off to The Incredibles or Disney's 2009 purchase of Marvel. Sky High may come to mind or even Mickey Mouse in Runaway Brain. Most people would rarely have their first thought go to Dinoland, USA at Disnney's Animal Kingdom, but sure enough, that's where our Fun Find is located this week!

In the past we've discussed different fun finds outside of Chester and Hester's gas station and a little ways down the road, but today we are going to be taking our first look inside the gas station. While in the store you will soon realize that there are items scattered throughout the store that will overstimulate any guest that enters the shop. While here you'll find trains, toys, dinosaurs galore, and our Fun Find Friday.

If you walk about half way through the store after entering from the side facing Chester and Hester's Dinorama take a look to your left. Here you will find a merchandise display with a very interesting find just above it. You see, as the story goes, Chester and Hester were your stereotypical gift shop on any other road. They would sell anything and everything to make an extra buck, and in the case of some gas stations (including this one) comic books were an easy sell.

If you take a look above the merchandise display you will find three separate comic books: The Amazing Spider Man, Code of Honor, and Batman. How on earth do these comics connect with Dinoland, USA? All three focus around some of our favorite super heroes taking on dinosaurs (far fetched, but fun storylines!)!

Interestingly enough, all three of these comics were present BEFORE 2009, the year Disney acquired Marvel. Even more amazing is that while Disney does own the character of Spiderman now, Batman is actually a DC comics character making it a character of a competing company. That doesn't stop Disney from sharing the love though! Even Batman has his battles that make him dino-sore.


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