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Fun Find Friday

March 30, 2012

Location: Guest hallways, Disney Fantasy

Most people don't pay attention to the floor while walking through the park when they really should. The same is true while walking around Disney's amazing cruise ships. Take the new Disney Fantasy for example. While walking around any of the guest hallways you can find the following image in the carpet:

So what does it all mean exactly? Well, as you can see there are four ships present, each representing one of the ships in Disney Cruise Line's fleet: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy. In addition to that each is located near where their port of call is around the world! What is even cooler is the use of nautical flags in the picture. You can find nautical flags throughout the Disney Fantasy, and here you can find it above and below the main picture as well. What does it say?

If you read the top one from left to right it says, "YSATNAF YENSID." The bottom is a mirrored image which reads, "Disney Fantasy!"


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