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Fun Find Friday

May 2, 2014

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

This week two major events happened: one happy and the other sad. The first is the sad news that actor Bob Hoskins, the actor who played Eddie Valiant in the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, passed away. The happy news is just yesterday Disney's Hollywood Studios celebrated it's 25th anniversary! So how do these two events connect with one another?

What several people don't realize is when Disney-MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) first opened there was major consideration for an entire land based around Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Unfortunately, those ideas never became a reality, but there are several references to the classic film found throughout the park including one tied to Bob Hoskins character, Eddie Valiant!

If you head over to Hollywood & Vine, take a look above the restaurant sign to find the following window:

Eddie Valiant window

Here you can find a window with a cutout of Roger Rabbit alongside a window for Eddie Valiant: private investigator! While the reference to the film is pretty obvious, there is one mistake that is often overlooked. In one scene of the film Roger Rabbit does run out a window, but it's not Eddie Valiant's, but R.K. Maroon's window instead at Maroon Studios!


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