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Fun Find Friday

December 9, 2011

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Back in 1947 Disney released a film that combined live action and animation called Fun and Fancy Free. During the film Jiminy Cricket, who plays the host, takes us to a party across the way. While there he finds Edgar Bergen who is sharing the story of Happy Valley with others.

During the story (which is most commonly known as Mickey and the Beanstalk), Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto climb up the beanstalk and find a giant named Willie. Willie, angered by the unwanted visitors, chases them out of the house and down the beanstalk. Unfortunately for Willie, Mickey and friends saw the beanstalk and escape from the giant. However, at the very end of the short cartoon we see Willie walking through the streets of L.A. lifting up roofs of houses in search for Mickey.

I know, how does this connect with Fantasyland? Just after passing through Cinderella Castle you will find a shop called Sir Mickey's on your right hand side. Sir Mickey's is themed around the Mickey and the Beanstalk section of Fun and Fancy Free and throughout the shop there are several details that relate to the film (which we will get to in future Fun Finds), but today we will talk about one of my favorites.

Like I stated earlier, Willie the Giant was lifting up the roofs of houses at the end of the film looking for Mickey. Just after entering the shop from the main entrance take a look at where the ceiling meets the wall directly in front of you. Here you will see Willie the Giant, still on his search for Mickey (as seen below)!


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