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Fun Find Friday

March 29, 2013

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Today we will be taking a look at a Fun Find that is literally being walked all over. I know! Right off the bat you are thinking, what on earth are you talking about? This picture will help:


I mean, look at these people! Just walking right over these stones as if they have no importance to Disney history whatsoever. Wait, they have importance to Disney history? You better believe they do! It's time to travel back in time to discover what on earth these circular rock formations found throughout Fantasyland are for. And no, they aren't just drains.

Skyway Building in Fantasyland

This picture, as taken by my mother back in 1974, is of the old Skyway building. The Skyway, which transported guests from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, and vice versa, was open from 1971 through 1999 and gave guests an unbelievable view of Fantasyland while inside the loading station. Want an example?

Skyway Building in Fantasyland

The above picture was taken by yours truly while on the Walt Disney World College Program back in 2004. With the five years passing between the attractions closing and this picture being taken, you can already tell that one major part of the attraction is missing. Actually, I should say THE attraction is missing. While looking out there's not a trace of anything signifying what this building once was. Or is there?

If you take a look at our first picture once again you will notice the circular stone pattern found in the groundwork. This is just one of several found throughout Fantasyland and it actually served a major purpose for the Skyway. This is where the giant poles which held up the Skyway buckets would be placed into the ground. When the Skyway disappeared in 1999, the rock formations, which still reflect the architecture of the land, remained in place along with the drains that sat at the foundation of the poles.

So next time you are walking through Fantasyland and feeling reminiscent about attractions that no longer exist in this wondrous land (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Snow White's Scary Adventures, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, etc.), take a look at the ground and smile. While the Skyway may not still soar over Fantasyland like Dumbo, the attraction still lives on. Even if people do just walk right over it without realizing they are stepping on history.


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