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Fun Find Friday

May 10, 2013

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

For over one hundred weeks I've been coming on here and talking about how everything throughout the Disney parks and resorts has some sort of meaning. Each painting, scratch, and plant has a story behind it and a reason for being where it is. Today we are going to talk about a restroom.

As many of you may know, back in 2004 I was on the Walt Disney World College Program working in Fantasyland in one of the greatest roles ever: custodial. The one downside of this role was bathroom duty, which was far and few between for me, but disgusting none the less. One of the restrooms I was often in charge of was adjacent to Peter Pan's Flight and the Columbia Harbour House. While inside I would often notice the yodeling song which was played overhead and found it odd that this song wasn't found in any Disney film, much like the rest of the music in Fantasyland.

What was even more odd to me was the fact that just outside the restroom was a painting that just seemed out of place with the rest of the land:

Painting of a deer in Fantasyland

I know: what's up with the deer? The most obvious thing to go to is Bambi, but how does Bambi tie in with the idea of Fantasyland? Well, he doesn't. In fact, this is just a random painting of a deer. So what's the story behind it? That's where things get more confusing. Prior to the Tangled area joining Fantasyland earlier this year, the area that sat across from this painting was themed around the old Skyway building.

The Skyway load building in Fantasyland was set up to be reminiscent of ski lift one may find in the Alps. While this doesn't exactly explain the deer it does help make the connection to the Matterhorn in Disneyland's own Fantasyland. While guests wander through the area near the Matterhorn in Disneyland they may notice a few things. One, the music which plays in the Fantasyland restrooms in Magic Kingdom (yodeling and all) can be found throughout this area. And even more importantly, the picture of the deer can also be found on a building just across from the entrance to the Matterhorn.

Random? Definitely, but it just goes to show that the original park and the Magic Kingdom are connected in some not so obvious ways. So next time you're in the parks, keep your eyes peeled for items that just don't seem to fit. You may just be looking at a connection to Disneyland!


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