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December 12, 2014

Location: Future World West, Epcot

A little over two years ago, Epcot celebrated it's 30th anniversary. During that celebration, I spoke with a few different friends about what we love most about the park and what we missed the most. One of the topics that came up from all of us was the original Journey Into Imagination which was followed by a possible meet and greet from Dreamfinder and Figment or Figment all by himself!

Journey Into Imagination

While that meet and greet is gone, Figment's signature can still be found in the park to this day! To the right of the entrance to Journey Into Imagination with Figment is an often overlooked restroom. Nearby, guests can find an entrance to backstage with the ever present sign pointing out that the area is for Cast Members Only.

While the majority of the year, guests can access this area, the Christmas season is upon us! Usually during busier periods of the year (like Christmas), Disney opens up this walkway to connect guests from the exit of Soarin' (on the first floor of The Land pavilion) to Journey Into Imagination. If guests were to walk through this area and take a look at the ground on the left-hand side they can find the following signature carved into the sidewalk:

Figment's signature

Imagine that!


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