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Fun Find Friday

January 20, 2012

Location: France Pavilion (retired)

It's the tale as old as time. Every day the Disney parks are changing. Some times drastically (like with the Fantasyland Expansion), while other times very subtle that not a lot of guests even realize that anything has changed (like our Fun Find Friday).

Over at the France Pavilion in Epcot you can find a perfume shop which used to have a very cool Fun Find until about a year ago. While the front section of the shop featured perfumes galore, the back room really had no connection to the front, but had a great connection to the Disney masterpiece, Beauty and the Beast. What was the room? Belle's library!

While in the room not only could you find the window from the film (pictured above), but you could also find a few more surprises. The first was scattered throughout the room in the form of books. Books? That's right, but to fit in with the idea that we are actually in France, all of the books (which are takes on famous Disney stories) have their titles in French!

One of my favorite things in this now retired room was found on a higher shelf. While we may not be in the West Wing, here you could find the enchanted rose that kept the castle cast under the spell.


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