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Fun Find Friday


June 10, 2011
Future World, Epcot


Let's play Where in the World?

Alright, I know what you are thinking: "'Brent, you already posted the location of where this week's Fun Find is taking place so you just took all the fun out of it!" I know that's partly true, but here's a question for you. Which side of Future World was that photo taken? Future World West or Future World East?

Well, there are two ways we can figure that answer out. One is by being observant and simply seeing Test Track in the distance and coming up with the answer of Future World East OR there's the Imagineer way: by looking at the planters!

You see, Future World, while one land, is broken up into two sections. On one side you have Future World East, which consists of futuristic ideas dealing with space travel, energy, and motorized vehicles. Think of it as cutting edge technology. On the other side you have things with more flow to it, whether it's the brainstorming of ideas, rolling hills of the land, or the rolling waves in the ocean.

In order to keep a distinction between these two areas, the two sections received different landscaping areas. Since Future World East focuses on sharp thinking, and slick new ideas, the landscaping consists of pointed ends as seen here:

Future World West focuses on things with new real end or beginning. The hills and waves have a nice smooth look to them, while ideas in people's heads can flow from one thought to the next. Because of this, the landscaping here is smoother and flows from one point to the next with no definite beginning or ending as seen in the picture here:

So next time someone shows you a Where in the World? or you get lost in Future World, take a look at the landscaping around you! Just like everything else in Disney, it really has a hidden meaning!


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