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Fun Find Friday

August 16, 2013

Location: Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland

Almost two years ago I shared a Fun Find in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland where guests could find Willie the Giant from the film Fun and Fancy Free. This week we will be traveling to the other coast where Willie the Giant, and his appearance near the ceiling is revisited in a sense in Disneyland's Toontown!

Gag Factory

Just after entering the Gag Factory shop through the entrance pictured above, take a look to your right hand side to find the following image above the merchandise stands within the store:

Gag Factory

While this may seem like your run of the mill store (I mean, what store doesn't have whoopie cushions hanging about), take a look at the oddly shaped box in the back. Upon closer inspection you will see that it reads, "Singing Harp. Ship to: W. Giant."

Gag Factory

This is a nice nod to Fun and Fancy Free where Willie the Giant, the antagonist of the film, steals a singing harp from Happy Valley! Now that's what I call a gigantic find!


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