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Fun Find Friday

January 3, 2014

Location: Grand Floridian Villas

Late last year the Grand Floridian Villas opened as a new Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort adjacent to the already popular Grand Floridian. Yesterday I had a chance to explore one of the rooms within the resort where my friend is staying and was amazed at the amount of details and fun finds within the resort.

Next week on Fun Find Friday we will be exploring the rooms, but this week we need to set up the lobby area since the lobby and the rooms go hand in hand with one another. The Grand Floridian is an elegant resort that is practically perfect in every way, much like everyone's favorite nanny. Due to this, the Grand Floridian Villas are themed around Mary Poppins and the story begins to unfold right away in the lobby.

The first item is also the most noticeable one. In the center of the lobby area, guests can find a fountain featuring the penguins that served Mary and Bert in the Jolly Holiday sequence of the film. While the film only features four penguins, our fountain here features seven:

Grand Floridian Villas Fountain Penguins

While the fountain will bring a smile to your face, the nods hiding behind the fountain will delight any Mary Poppins' fans heart. With the elevators being located directly behind the fountain, guests can find stained glass on the left and right side of the elevator entryway. Keeping with the Jolly Holiday theme, the pictures depicted here feature glass versions of the animated backgrounds found during the famous scene of the film:

Grand Floridian Windows Mary Poppins

The final nod to the film that we will be taking a look at today is easily my favorite. While the elevators themselves don't appear to be anything spectacular, the arrow which shows which floor the elevator is currently on is the most clever of the fun finds in this area. If you recall in the film, Mary Poppins is hardly ever without her umbrella which features a parrot head for the handle. Well, take a look at the elevator to be truly blown away (pun intended):

Grand Floridian Villas elevator

Next week we will be exploring the rooms of the resort which truly show the resort is worthy of it's practically perfect place on Disney property!


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