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December 16, 2011

Location: Hollywood Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

In 1989 Disney-MGM Studios opened up as the third theme park on Walt Disney World Resort property. At the very end of the parks Main Street, known as Hollywood Boulevard sat (no, not a hat) a reproduction of Grauman's Chinese Theater!

To make the opening of the park unique, Disney invited several celebrities to place their handprints in cement that would be permanently displayed in front of the theater (much like the actual theater in Hollywood). Throughout the years, several celebrities from Mickey Mouse to Robin Williams to Hulk Hogan to Charlton Heston.

Amazingly enough, there are a few spelling mistakes found in the different handprints throughout the area, but only one of these spelling mistakes consists of someone misspelling their own name! So what's the story behind it?

On December 7, 1995 Charlton Heston, who was famous for films like The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur or for us huge Disney fans, the narrator in Hercules, came to Disney-MGM Studios to leave his mark in front of The Great Movie Ride. Just after entering his name in the cement he began to sign his name. In the middle of the signing, however, a photographer shouted to Mr. Heston to smile for the camera. He looked up, smiled for the camera, and went back to writing his name. When he went back to writing his name, however, he missed the "L" in Charlton which in turn gave him the honor of being the only celebrity at Disney's Hollywood Studios to ever misspell their own name in cement!


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