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Fun Find Friday

October 26, 2012

Location: Hollywood Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride is one of the most detailed attractions found within Disney's Hollywood Studios. While the recreations of classic scenes from Singing in the Rain and Casablanca are impressive, there is another layer of detail that most guests (who are just focused on the film recreation) miss out on.

The Gangster scene is quite possibly the most thought out and detail oriented scene in the entire attraction. From clever Hidden Mickey's to references to several gangster films, you'd think there couldn't be anything else to discover. Guess again! Before we get to our reference it's time for a real life history lesson!

Back in the 1920s the city of Chicago had two gangs that were fighting for turf and control of the city: The North Side Irish gang (led by Bugs Moran) and the South Side Italian gang (led by the infamous Al Capone). While a lot of gangs could live in (some) peace with one another, Al Capone decided it was time to annihilate the North Side Irish gang by taking out the members directly below Bugs Moran. While all the details of the incident are not 100% known today, what is known is five members of the North Side Irish gang were brutally murdered. The day? February 14, 1929. This incident would later go on to be described as the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, and the beginning of the end of Al Capone's reign.

To give acknowledgement of this extremely famous day in the gangster world, Disney decided to give it a nod in the gangster scene. Where at? Well, those gangsters that pull up and try to pop Mugsy and his crew full of lead are practically reenacting what Capone's crew did that day back in 1929: showing no mercy, and driving a nice car. In fact, if you take a look at the license of the car you may notice something quite interesting:

The license reads 021-429, or to put it into calendar terms: February (02) 14 (1-4), 1929 (29). Or, to put it, Saint Valentine's day, 1929 the day of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.


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