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Fun Find Friday

April 25, 2014

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

One of the most popular attractions found throughout Walt Disney World is the Haunted Mansion and it's pretty clear why! The amount of detail found throughout the entire attraction is unbelievable and keeps guests coming back to see what other treasures they can discover!

One of the most overlooked areas dealing with the Mansion is at the exit in the form of the pet cemetery. Here guests can find several of the animals that now roam the halls in other worldly forms. While most of the tombstones seem quite simple like Eric the snake who "met his fate at the hands of a garden rake," a few of the tombstones are quite clever and need to be given special attention.

Haunted Mansion pet cemetery

Today we will be looking at the tombstone found on the bottom left hand corner of the cemetery. Here guests can find a tombstone of a cat with a very unique marker explaining his gruesome fate, or should I say fates? While all of the tombstones in this cemetery focus on the year the animal here met their demise, the cat found here has a twist. Instead of one year of death, nine can be found in a circular fashion. Why's that? Because, as everyone knows, cats have nine lives!

Haunted Mansion pet cemetery
Haunted Mansion pet cemetery


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