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Fun Find Friday

October 17, 2014

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

With Halloween only two weeks away, today we are going to be visiting everyone's favorite spooktacular location on property, the Haunted Mansion! In 2011, Disney added an interactive queue to the classic attraction which is littered with fun finds just waiting to be discovered. Today, however we are going to be taking a look at the book shelves that double as the tomb for Prudence Pock.

While at first glance, the bookshelves appear to be normal, with the exception of the moving books of course, have you ever taken a look at the spines of the book? This is where our Fun Find takes place this week!

Haunted Mansion bookshelves

The spines of the books may just look like spooky symbols to help enhance the theme, but there is actually a secret message hidden in these symbols just waiting to be deciphered. So what does it say?

Home You foolish Ilortal
This Mansion Is
Your Mystic Portal"

I know what you're thinking. Ilortal? Shouldn't it say Mortal? You are absolutely correct! Not long ago, the bookcase got a little touch up and the I and L were moved from the other side and placed here. So what does the other side say?

Haunted Mansion Bookcase
Eerie Sights and Spooky
Sounds F L These
Happy Haunting Grounds"

As you can see, on the third line down the second word simply reads F L. If you place in the missing letters from the other side you get the word Fill! So where's the M for Mortal on the other side? That mystery will be solved in a future Fun Find Friday so stay tuned!


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