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Fun Find Friday

April 24, 2015

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

In 2011, the Haunted Mansion received an extended queue allowing guests to learn a little more about various residents found within the Mansion. Just after entering the extended queue, guests can find five busts consisting of six different characters. From the left to the right, the characters are Bertie, Aunt Florence, Uncle Jacob, The Twins (Wellington and Forsythia), and Cousin Maude. The five busts actually have a murder mystery waiting for guests to solve.

Haunted Mansion queue

The riddle starts in the center on Uncle Jacob's bustwhich reads, "Greed was the poison he had swallowed. He went first. The others followed. His killer's face he surely knew. Now try to discover who kiled who." Above the name of Uncle Jacob is a small circle design. The other four inscriptions go as follow:

Bertie: "Avid Hunter and expert shot. In the end that's what he got." Above Bertie's name is a picture of a bottle.

Aunt Florence: "Never did a dishonorable deed. Yet found face down in canary seed." Above Aunt Florence's name is a picture of a gun.

The Twins Wellington and Forsythia: "Departed life while in their beds, with identical bumps on identical heads." Aobe their name is a picture of a bird.

And finally, Cousin Maude: "Our sleeping beauty who never awoke, the night her dreams went up in smoke." Above Maude's name is a picture of a hammer.

So the question is, can you solve the riddle? All of the pieces of evidence have been laid out for you. So as the question asks at the start, who killed who? We know that Uncle Jacob went first as our riddle explains. Due to the fact that we see that greed was the poison he had swallowed, we can come to the conclusion that Bertie, whose inscription features a bottle, was Jacob's killer. Bertie clue focuses on the fact that he is an expert shot and that's what he got in the end. Therefore, the gun found on Aunt Florence's tomb shows us that she in fact killed Bertie.

Florence, who was found dead in canary seedcould only have been killed by the twins who not only have a bird featured on their inscription, but if you look behind their busts, you will actually find a bag filled with seeds. Finally the twins, who were fond with bumps on their heads, were killed by Cousin Maude who has a hammer featured on her inscription. In the end, Cousin Maude was the only member of the family to not be murdered, but instead died in her sleep.

Did you figure out who killed who?


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