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Fun Find Friday

August 15, 2014

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

It's amazing how sometimes you can spend so much time in an area and miss something that is hidden in plain sight for everyone to see. This is a situation that occurred to me recently. After months and months of research on New Fantasyland, there was one detail that I had overlooked. Even after asking Cast Members for months, none of them pointed out this detail until recently when our very own Who's Who Wednesday writer, Erik Anderson, sent me a message asking if I had ever seen it.

In my second book, A Closer Look at the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland, I pointed out one of my favorite Hidden Mickeys which only appears on Mickey Mouse's birthday in the queue for Under the Sea. Little did I know a Hidden character was found at the exit of the attraction that was almost just as awesome: Steamboat Willie!

While we usually hold off looking for Mickey for Hidden Mickey Monday, this detail is just too good to pass up. After exiting the attraction take a look at the water and rock formation on your right hand side. Spread out amongst four different rock formations, Mickey, in his Steamboat Willie form, is difficult to spot if you aren't looking from the right direction.

Hidden Steamboat Willie at Under the Sea

If you look at the picture above you can see that the rock closest to us has Mickey's foot pointing at the grass on the bottom left corner of the rock. If you follow his foot and leg up it joins up with the next rock back where we can see Mickey's shorts. His other leg is the portion of the rock going into the water, while his arm is the part of the rock just above the rock closest to us. The top portion of the same rock is where Mickey's face can be found and his sailor hat is actually the rock found furthest away. Finally, if you take a look at the rock where Mickey's arm is headed, you can actually find the famous steering wheel from Steamboat Willie!

With Steamboat Willie being in hiding for the past two years, only time will tell who else is lurking around every corner!


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