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Fun Find Friday

February 10, 2012

Location: Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

It's no question. Disney is the master of details and for over 50 weeks we've covered several details that Disney has hidden around for Disney nerds like us to discover. The amazing thing about these details is that while some are obvious, others you can pass hundreds of times without ever noticing them. Today we'll talk about one of those.

There are several attractions found throughout Walt Disney World where you feel the need to exit fairly quickly. Kilimanjaro Safaris has always felt this way to me especially. Throughout all of Disney's Animal Kingdom I always feel very relaxed while walking around as if I don't need to rush from attraction to attraction (like most do at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot), but for some reason every time I get off of Kilimanjaro Safaris I feel the urge to stand up and exit towards the Warden Post around the corner. Due to this, I missed an extremely important part of Kilimanjaro Safaris storyline for years.

Yes, we are in Harambe, but the Harambe Wildlife Reserve didn't just pop up over night. In fact, before the Reserve was created Harambe was well known for being a hub in the livestock trading industry. So when Kilimanjaro Safaris came to Harambe with the intention of starting up two week safaris, they needed to realized the easiest way to load and unload their guests would be at the same gates where livestock were herded on and off trucks as well. So which company did the purchase a building from? Smythe-Wallis British East Africa Livestock Ltd. of course!

In fact, when you are being herded off the ride (much like the livestock that once roamed this area) make sure you take a look up to find a nice nod to the former owners of the building:


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