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Fun Find Friday

June 12, 2015

Location: Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

A couple of weeks ago we stopped by the Boathouse on our Fun Find Friday to take a look at a very cool detail to the man who had the vision for the magical place that is Walt Disney world. Today we are going to be looking at a spot just across the street from the Boathouse at a reference to Walt's wife Lillian.

Back in 1976, when Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) was known as the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, Fulton's Crab House wasn't present, but the boat (which is actually just a building that is shaped like a boat) was known as The Empress Lilly. The Empress Lilly, named and christened by Walt Disney's widow, Lillian Disney, was home to four separate dining areas, the first character meal, and much more. Unfortunately, in 1995, The Empress Lilly closed and Fulton's Crab House opened the following year.

Scattered throughout the new sections of Downtown Disney, the transformation into Disney Springs is beginning to take shape more and more each day. One of the best details is found across the street at the Boathouse on a building that has yet to open up to the public. Above the doors to the building are two carvings of people found on the docks. While at first glance there doesn't seem to be anything special about the carvings besides a nice touch of detail, the second time you look at the one on the right you may notice something:

Empress Lilly Carving

That's right! the boat in the background is none other than The Empress Lilly!


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