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Fun Find Friday


February 3, 2012

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

I was in shock when I realized the other day that I had not covered any Fun Finds in Liberty Square yet. Why? In my opinion, Liberty Square is littered with Fun Finds around every corner just waiting for the Disney fan to discover. In fact, it is my favorite detailed area of all the parks in Walt Disney World. Fantasyland is my all time favorite land, but the attention to detail in this colonial area is unbelievable.

So what does our Fun Find deal with this week? History of course! All around Liberty Square are subtle nods to America's past, but one of my favorites can be found in a window located between the Columbia Harbour House and the Hall of Presidents:

Who's ready for a history lesson? Sorry, but you're getting one anyway.

April 18, 1775. The Revolutionary War was well underway and the redcoats (those still loyal to Great Britain) were attacking Boston. Robert Newton, the sexton of the North Church, was instructed to alert colonists and two men of the British movements as soon as he was aware. How would he do that?

By lighting a lantern in the steeple of the church. In order to instruct the Freedom Fighters on where the attack would be coming from, and at the same time allowing colonists to flee in the other direction, Newton was giving a very simple task. Light one lantern in the steeple if they are coming by land, and two if by sea.

After he signaled the colonists, Paul Revere began his infamous "Midnight Ride" where he began to shout, "The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming" (this is different than popular belief of saying "The British are coming." He never actually said that since most of the colonists still considered themselves British, therefore he'd be pointing out to some of them that their next door neighbor may be coming to power some sugar. This would most likely make that colonist flee as well.)

With the lighting of a signal, the colonists were prepared and helped them win the battle. But the question is, where did the attack come from? By land or by sea? Don't worry, if you ever stop by this window at night, Disney will remind you of America's history by lighting the same amount of lanterns Robert Newton lit so many years ago:


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