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Fun Find Friday

November 30, 2012

Location: Future World Central, Epcot

It's hard to believe that this is already our 100th Fun Find Friday article. What's really mind boggling to me is the fact that if 101 you typed in the address for this page weeks ago you'd come to absolutely nothing. In fact, it reminds me of an often overlooked phenomenon at Epcot located just around the corner from where our very first Fun Find Friday took place!

The ground found throughout Epcot is quite an amazing thing. In fact, let's take a look at a history of it, before we get to why the picture above is so fascinating. As I have stressed through the past 100 weeks, Disney is amazing at theming. In fact, that excel at it. However, if you go through the four parks in order of when they opened you will notice how each park seems to build upon the previous parks idea of how to theme specific areas.

While walking through the Magic Kingdom, for instance, pay close attention to the ground (with the exception of New Fantasyland and Liberty Square). You will notice that the majority of these areas are just giant blocks of one sole color that fit in with the surroundings. It's kind of dull, especially when going from New Fantasyland's unbelievably themed ground to Tomorrowland's concrete blocks. It makes you want more out of the theming of the area.

So when Disney built Epcot, the idea of adding new elements to the ground to help with the theme began to come into being. For instance, very small and subtle changes in the ground found throughout World Showcase help transition guests from one country to the next, while the area in front of Mission: SPACE helps tell the story of space exploration long before guests enter into the building. So where am I going with this?

If you look at the picture above it's very simple. But the Imagineers wanted to leave guests with a sense of wonderment and all around idea of the future being a marvelous place. Their solution? Make the ground a futuristic wonderment for guests exiting the park at night. So when the sun sets the ground found in the picture above suddenly transforms to this:

Epcot lighted ground

It's a very simple, yet very effective effect that shows guests that Future World does feature some amazing things that could be found at homes around the world in the future (I think this would be very cool in my kitchen at least). The lights don't stop there, however. If you explore the walk way in front of Innoventions West, there are three more pairs of lights awaiting you:

Epcot lighted ground

Epcot Lighted Ground

And there you have it. Something that wasn't there during the day that is miraculously there at night. I would like to thank everyone out there for joining us again on this week's 100th Fun Find Friday. It's been a lot of fun writing these articles each and every week and I've loved the responses we've received from readers during the time. But of course, 100 articles has only just begun to scratch the surface of the fun finds awaiting you in Walt Disney World! We'll see you next week!


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