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Fun Find Friday

September 16, 2011
Location: Pleasure Island

Who hasn't dreamed of being an eccentric millionaire and owning their own private island? What would you put on your island? Candy factory, miniature golf courses, or maybe just a lawn chair, air conditioned hut, and a drink or two (until the rums gone that is)?

Not many people realize that there is an island in Walt Disney World that had its own (fictitious) private owner. Where is it? Pleasure Island! Who was the owner? As the story goes, an eccentric millionaire by the name of Merriweather Adam Pleasure (that's right, it's not named after Pleasure Island from 1940's Pinocchio), once bought an island and decided to fill it up with things he loved dearly.

Some of these things consisted of giant warehouses for UFO's, a fireworks factory, a club for him and his fellow adventurers, and items he would collect while on his trips around the world. One time on a trip to San Francisco, Mr. Pleasure fell in love with the hills of the wonderful city, but one hill intrigued him more than any other: Lombard Street (yes, the same one the famous Herbie the Love Bug rode down in the film The Love Bug!).

When Merriweather saw this wonderful street he decided on the spot he must have it on his island with him. Next thing you knew construction began on his own Lombard Promenade (as he called it) and it has forever called Pleasure Island home until this day (as seen in the pictures below)!


Up until a few weeks ago you could find plaques scattered throughout Pleasure Island depicting the story of Merriweather Adam Pleasure, but with the area changing to Hyperion Wharf, these plaques have recently disappeared.



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