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Fun Find Friday

July 8, 2011
Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

At the start of the year I was riding "it's a small world" and looked at a Fun Find that I love to point out to people. While looking at it I realized that I really should share different Fun Finds with my website's loyal readers. I figured I should also give them different articles on a daily basis to help keep them satisfied. I contacted my good friend Alex and pitched the idea of writing about a Hidden Mickey once a week, and after a few more emails, the Days of the Week idea was formed and launched! So, here it is my friends. The Fun Find that inspired the Days of the Week:

"it's a small world" is one of the most classic attractions found in any Disney park around the world. With music penned by the legendary Sherman Brothers, a debut at the 1964 World's Fair, and design layouts by Mary Blair, Walt's favorite artist, this attraction was set up for success right off the bat.

Who is Mary Blair? Well, she was responsible for the look and feel of the entire attraction. In addition to that, she is the genius behind the mural in the Grand Canyon Concourse of the Contemporary, a concept artist for Peter Pan, Song of the South, Alice in Wonderland, and a Disney Legend. However, her most famous project is the one most people associate her with: "it's a small world." In fact, most Imagineers tied the attraction to her, which gave them a great idea: they decided to pay a tribute to her in every "small world" attraction found throughout the World!

We all know about Hidden Mickey's, but what's even more rare are Hidden Mary Blair's! Next time you are riding "it's a small world" keep your eyes open for her.  If you want to find out where she's hidden in Walt Disney World's "small world," keep reading on, however, if you don't, I suggest you stop reading here and keep your eyes open for a short blonde haired doll wearing glasses during your next trip aboard the "happiest cruise that ever sailed!"



So where in the (small) World can you find Mary Blair? While going past the Eiffel Tower in the Paris scene, take a look at the doll hanging from the center of the tower. Here you will find (what I believe to be) the only doll wearing glasses with short blonde hair. This my friends, is the one and only Mary Blair!




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