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Fun Find Friday

January 16, 2015

Location: Mickey's Soundsational Parade, Disneyland

I've never been a big fan of parades. Growing up our family never rushed off to the local parades unless someone we knew was in one or if we were invited. So naturally, when we would make a trip to a Disney park, the parade was never really on our agenda. Even when it would be going down the street, we would rush past it and get on some rides while the rest of the world sat there paying attention to the floats passing by.

In recent years, Disney has released more and more parades that have captured my attention. Beginning with Block Party Bash (which led to me getting a ball pit filled with Block Party Bash Balls) to Festival of Fantasy and even in Disneyland, Mickey's Soundsational Parade, Disney finally caught my attention with parades and made me believe they were worth the wait.

Yesterday I arrived in Disneyland and spent the entire day jumping back and forth between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. While in Disneyland at one point, Mickey's Soundsational Parade began and I found a nice little spot right in front of City Hall to watch the festivities. The very first float has always caught my attention, but this time I noticed something I have never seen before.

Micky's Soundsational Parade

Just a little below the platform where Mickey stands, three little birds sat there joining in the fun. Instantly I recognized them, although they blend in with the float so well they most likely often go unnoticed.

Mickey's Soundational

Keeping in with the theme of Disney music, it appears that the Imagineers who created the float decided to sneak in a reference to one of Disney's most beloved musical acts from the 1990's: Disney's Sing Along Songs. The Sing Along Songs were VHS tapes that featured a group of Disney songs that often all fit around the same theme. The songs would be introduced at times by an owl who was a teacher for a classroom, and his students, also birds, consisted of a group of boys and these three female birds!


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