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Fun Find Friday

August 1, 2014

Location: World Showcase, Epcot

The entirety of Walt Disney World is much like a gigantic puzzle. Each little attraction, shop, restaurant, park, etc. is put into a specific place which somehow fits with the pieces of the puzzle around it. Sometimes those pieces are small like trash cans and street lights, but the piece of the puzzle we are looking at today is a gigantic one that with careful planning just seems to fit with the area around it.

"What on earth am I talking about?" Tower of Terror of course! "If that's the case, then why is the location of this week's Fun Find in World Showcase?" Great observation! Standing at 199 feet, Tower of Terror is the second tallest attraction in Walt Disney World.  Due to this, it was talked about during construction that there was a strong possibility that this massive structure may be seen from other parks.

The solution? Make the Hollywood Tower Hotel, home to the Tower of Terror, a part of another park in some way, shape, or form. It was decided that a new section of Disney-MGM Studios would be created, in the form of Sunset Boulevard, with the Hollywood Tower Hotel sitting at the end of it. Why that specific location?

Before we get to the answer to that question, let's make another observation about the Hollywood Tower Hotel that is often overlooked. The paint job on the front of the Hotel is actually a different shade than the paint on the back of it. Why is that? It deals with the location of course!

While wandering around World Showcase in Epcot, guests can at times spot the Hollywood Tower Hotel off in the distance. The location? Behind the Morocco pavilion! And thanks to both the location and paint job, the Hollywood Tower Hotel blends seamlessly with the pavilion which sits in front of it!

Tower of Terror and Morocco


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