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Fun Find Friday

January 21, 2011

Location: Magic Kingdom: Main Street, USA

Ahh, the Emporium! A shop that nearly every guest at the Magic Kingdom will enter at one point or another during their trip. In fact, they will most likely pass through the entrance shown on the picture to the right. What most don't realize is they are passing one of the greatest finds on Main Street, USA!

In 1963 Disney released a live action film starring Haley Mills, Burl Ives, and Dorothy McGuire called "Summer Magic." The film focused on a widow (Dorothy McGuire) from Boston moving with her kids to a small town in Maine that they once vacationed at.

When they arrive in Maine the family meets Postmaster and small business owner "Osh" Popham (Burl Ives). "Osh," who tends to stretch the truth, just wants to bring happiness to the new residents in town and is loved by all.

I know, "Brent, why on earth are you telling us all of this?" Well, eight years after the film was released, Walt Disney World opened. While Imagineers were putting details into all areas of the park a question arose: Who should be the proprietor of the Magic Kingdom's Emporium? 

The question was quickly answered after someone brought up the name "Osh" Popham, the lovable store owner in Summer Magic. In order to honor "Osh," the two windows next to the entrance in the picture above have a nice little nod to the proprietor of the Magic Kingdom's most popular shop.


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