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Fun Find Friday


March 11, 2011

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

I know a lot of people that love to stop by Planet Hollywood on their Walt Disney World trip. What's not to love? You know you are eating at a location where some big stars have dined, you can find movie props from all sorts of movies, and to top it all off one of the Herbie's from Herbie Goes Bananas hangs from the ceiling! It's just cool!

Did you know that before Planet Hollywood's took the world by storm there was another restaurant that allowed diners to walk around and take a look at memorabilia left behind by famous people? This place was off in the Frontier and founded by a Texan that went by the name Pecos Bill.

Now Pecos Bill had an interesting life. He was raised by coyotes, shot all the stars out of the sky (with the exception of one) turning Texas into the Lone Star State, made the Rio Grande, and a whole lot more! Eventually he became famous among other famous Tall Tale folk and began to rub elbows with the likes of Paul Bunyan, Davy Crocket, and even Johnny Appleseed!

He used to send his friends messages via the Pony Express with invites to stop by a small Inn and Cafe he created. His friends would come, have a great time, and then go off and tell others about the wonderful place known as Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. One day when business was slow Bill began to do some brainstorming on how to get more visitors to his Inn and Cafe. His idea was simple: Invite more of his friends to stop by and in exchange for free food and a free room, they would leave behind one of their items to be hung on the wall.

Pretty soon he had a great collection of items from Johnny Appleseed's cooking pan, Buffalo Bill's boots, Davy Crocket's coonskin cap, Paul Bunyan's ax, and more:

So next time you are in Frontierland, stop by the place where the legends dine! Even if you aren't eating, wander around and take a look at all the Fun Finds in this original Planet Hollywood styled restaurant!


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