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Fun Find Friday

March 24, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

While researching my upcoming book, A Closer Look: At the Magic Kingdom's Frontierland, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe has two nods to my birthday, March 24th! The two pieces of "official" paper can be found behind the toppings bar near the window closest to Splash Mountain:

Pecos Bill  Pecos Bill

The first sheet of paper is a Warrant of Authority giving Pecos Bill himself, whose current occupation is Defender of the Defenseless entitlement of the role Provisional Captaincy. the day which this honor was bestowed was the 24th day of March in 1894.

The second sheet of paper gives Widowmaker, the horse of Pecos Bill, the opportunity to join the Ranger Force of the State of Texas. Widowmaker also joined Pecos Bill in the prestigious role on the 24th day of March in 1894!


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