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Fun Find Friday


May 20, 2011
Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Dead men tell no tales....tales.... Ahoy there mateys! It be true. Dead men tell no tales, so luckily for ye, I be very alive and reporting a brand new Fun Find Friday!

If you watched the 91st episode of the W.E.D.nesday Show! you should have learned a few different Fun Finds found throughout the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Walt Disney World. Today's Fun Find Friday deals with the finds in the shop after you exit the attraction!

While walking through the shop take a look at the vases, treasures, and boxes on the shelves above the merchandise displays found throughout the whole store. There's a whole lot to see, but today we are looking for two specific items. The two shelves you should be looking for are pictured below:

If you look a little closer at the top picture you may notice a red vase. Let's look at this vase a little closer:

Here, glued upon the vase, you will find one of the gold coins that was used in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl." This isn't the one worn by Elizabeth, but it is a legit prop from the film! Now let's take a look at our second picture. This time around give some extra attention to the white vase in the picture for the next Fun Find!

Hanging upon the vase is none other than the key that opens up the Dean Man's Chest in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest!" But it be time for us to set sail for some new treasure. Until next week, drink up me hearties yo ho!

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