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Fun Find Friday

February 24, 2017

Location: Muppets Courtyard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

This week we are heading back to the relatively new Pizzarizzo restaurant in the Muppets Courtyard. On the second floor of the restaurant is a reception area which is set up to look like a reception hall for a wedding. Prior to entering, guests will see this sin next to the door:


In 1984, the Muppets starred in their third full length feature film, Muppets Take Manhatten. The film follows the characters as they achieve their greatest dream of landing a show on Broadway. With all of their dreams coming true, Kermit and Miss Piggy decide that it's probably time for the two of them to finally get married. There's just one problem. Kermit is hit by a car, gets amnesia, and due to the fact that he doesn't wear clothes, has no type of identification on him.

Kermit gets into an advertising agency where he tells the staff that his name is Phil. He then learns that the people who work at the agency are named Gil, Jill, Lill, Will, and Bill. Kermit, under the name Phil, becomes quite the ad man by making slogans like "Ocean Breeze Soap will make you clean." Eventually Kermit regains his memories, performs on Broadway, and marries Miss Piggy.

So while looking at the board, we see the line "Somebody Got Married!" which is a reference to the final song in the film, "Somebody's Getting Married." Underneath that we see that the wedding is for Gil and Lill who are the daughters of Will and Jill and son of Phil and Bill. This is obviously referencing Kermit's time as an advertising guru.  The final line shows that the band playing at the wedding is the Electric Mayem, which is the name of the band that is part of the Muppets starring Dr. Teeth!



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