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July 12, 2013

Location: Camp Minnie-Mickey, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Camp Minnie-Mickey has one of the most unique histories for a land found within Walt Disney World. It ranks up there with Mickey's Birthdayland, I mean, Starland, I mean Toontown Fair. When construction for Disney's Animal Kingdom first began, the initial intention for the area where Camp Minnie-Mickey now sits was going to be a land called Beastly Kingdom! This land would have focused on all mythological animals tying the park nicely together with actual, extinct, and myth.

Unfortunately, for several reasons the last was put on hiatus and a land that wasn't meant to have a permanent home was placed in its place. The land? Camp Minnie-Mickey! The theme of the land was set around a summer camp where guests could go to different group assemblies and watch shows: one educational, the other entertainment. While the entertaining one still is going strong in the form of Festival of the Lion King, some most wonder what happened to Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends.

Camp Minnie-Mickey map

As you can see from this practically unchanged map in Camp Minnie-Mickey, the area for Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends is still located at the top of the map. In fact, the area is still very much there, but is now used for stroller parking for Festival of the Lion King! So what can guests still find there to this day and what has disappeared? Take a look at the picture below to find out!

Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

As you can see from the picture, the stage is still fully intact and besides Pocahontas obviously missing from the stage, the other notable character that is absent is Sprig, the lovable (?) tree that sat pretty much where Grandmother Willow is looking. So while most locations found throughout Disney disappear after an attraction closes down, Grandmother Willow is still here waiting for guests to stop by and say hello. So next time you are enjoying camp life, make sure you stop by (stroller or not) to take a look around and a piece of Disney history!

Pocahontas and her Forest Friends


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