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Fun Find Friday

October 3, 2014

Location: Pop Century

One of my favorite resorts to explore on Walt Disney World property is Pop century. Each of the sections is well themed with fun finds, but today we are going to be heading into the 50s section to find some of the details that make this section unique.

Most of the section focuses on bowling. Near the pool, the walkway looks like a a bowling lane, while the dry cleaning section is shaped like a section for bowling shoes. Our fun find, however, revolves around the the bowling pins found at the stair cases in the area.

Pop Century 50s

Each of the three buildings features three different wings with their own individual staircase at the end. Each staircase is inside a King Brunswick bowling pin: While it is fun to walk inside a bowling pin, there is more here than meets the eye! In case you have done the math, three buildings times three staircases equals nine pins. For those avid bowlers (and not so avid) out there, I know exactly what you're thinking: But in Bowling there are ten pins! You, my friend, are absolutely correct! So where on earth is the tenth pin?

Pop Century bowling pin

If you climb towards the upper levels of the buildings and look down at the pool below, you will realize that the pool itself, is the tenth pin! And that, is a perfect strike!

Pop Century pool


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