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Fun Find Friday

January 22, 2016

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Restaurantosaurus has one of the most elaborate back stories of any restaurant found in Walt Disney World. As the story goes, the location was originally a fishing lodge, followed by the original Dino Institute, and is currently a home for a group of college students studying paleontology over at the Boneyard. Scattered throughout the restaurant are various items showing how the group of students spend their free time, but one of their most entertaining ways to pass the time can be found outside near the sign for the restaurant:


Can you see it? Just below, and a little to the left, of the sign are two chairs. While this looks like a popular hangout found in various houses near college campuses around the country, it's the item on the wall that is the most interesting.


Here you can see that there are two bows and a line of arrows. What on earth are they shooting at? In order to discover that, you need to turn around.


As you can see, the future paleontologists are doing target practice at the water tower on the other side of the building. If you look even closer, you will see that a spot is available for someone to sit at in order to retrieve the arrows. After retrieving the arrows, they place them in a bucket where the send them back to the other students sitting back on the roof.

Next time you are in the restaurant, make sure to explore every detail found within to discover a little bit more about the group of paleontologists living in this area!


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