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Fun Find Friday

March 4, 2016

Location: World Showcase, Epcot

There's the age old phrase, "What's in a name?" Well, a name can mean quite a bit. In some cases around the Walt Disney World Resort, a name can be a play on words like The Merchant of Venus spoofing Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Sometimes the name has a different meaning in a different language, such as Disney's Animal Kingdom featuring Tamu Tamu which is Swahili for Sweet Sweets. And at other times, a name is a reference to a different location like in Disney's Hollywood Studios where The Brown Derby is named after the famed restaurant that created the Cobb Salad.

Today, however, we are going to take a look at a name in World Showcase which pays tribute to something in a different way than one may think. Throughout World Showcase, guests can find various names paying homage to the country the various pavilions represent. In China there is the Street of good Fortune, Germany has Biergarten (literally meaning beer garden), and in Japan we have Mitsukoshi (a division of an actual department store in Japan). Over in the United Kingdom pavilion, we have this building:

Rose and Crown

While you may have stopped by this quaint little pub to get a pint or be entertained by the amazing performers inside, you may have stopped to wonder what the pub was modeled after. While the pub wasn't modeled after a particular pub, the name of the pub has a nice little connection to the actual United kingdom. When Imagineers were trying to figure out what they should name the pub, they did their research and discovered that there are two common occurrences in pubs found throughout the United Kingdom:

Rose and Crown

What are they? The words "rose" and "crown". You see, Imagineers discovered that while there are hundreds of pubs across the United Kingdom, two words often appear in the name of the pub itself. Disney decided to pay homage to the two most common words by naming their pub here,  The Rose and Crown!


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