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Fun Find Friday

August 22, 2014

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

Anyone who has seen or heard of the Disney Company can most likely tell you who Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse are. The two of them got their big break back in 1928 with Mickey's debut in "Steamboat Willie" and have since gone on to create one of the largest businesses in the world. Due to this outstanding partnership, the two of them received a statue with the two partners standing side by side in the hub at the Magic Kingdom. The statue, appropriately named "Partners," is easily the most photographed and recognizable statue on Disney property. However, today we are going to be looking at a statue which deserves just as much recognition as the one sitting in front of Cinderella Castle.

Just after entering into the Magic Kingdom, guests enter town square, a quaint little area that instantly transports guests to a town at the turn of the 20th century. Sitting in the center of town square is a flag pole, and near the base of the pole sits a bench with two figures sitting upon it. The two guests occupying the seat are Roy O. Disney, Walt's older brother, and Minnie Mouse. The name of the statue? Sharing the Magic.

Sharing the Magic

I know, I know! Why is it called Sharing the Magic? Great question! Let's do a little bit of background on Walt and Roy and Minnie and Minnie before we get to that answer. Since Walt was young, his brother Roy had often looked out for him to make sure Walt was happy. Walt and Roy were best friends and due to Walt's admiration for his brother, Walt would follow Roy wherever he would go. Eventually, Roy moved to Los Angeles, so naturally Walt went there as well. It was here that the two of them established the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio back in 1923.

As time went on, the two decided that the company should have one brother step forward and be the face of the company. Walt, who had the creative vision and a unique way of telling stories, stepped into the spotlight, while Roy, who was often more reserved, became the financial wizard of the company.

As I pointed out earlier, Mickey made his debut in 1928. Unfortunately, one little bit of trivia most people overlook is the fact that Minnie also made her debut in 1928 in the same short cartoon, "Steamboat Willie!" Throughout the years, Minnie Mouse would never get her own series of short cartoons, but would often be there for Mickey to help launch him into the megastar role we all know and love him in today. Much like Roy, Minnie was never the main person in the spotlight.

So why Sharing the Magic? The name pretty much sums it up: Roy and Minnie share the magic with us just as much as Walt and Mickey do, however, the placement of the statue is the true fun find! Why on earth would we find Roy and Minnie, the secondary characters to the company, first, while we see Walt and Mickey second after entering the park? One obvious reason is due to the Partners statue being at a location that results in better photo ops, but that isn't the true reason behind it. The real reason we see Minnie and Roy before seeing Mickey and Walt is so guests never forget that if it weren't for Minnie and Roy, Mickey and Walt may never have been as successful as they have become, thus making Minnie and Roy, the true stars of Disney!


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