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Fun Find Friday

October 24, 2014

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

During the Halloween season the Magic Kingdom gets fully decorated for the seasonal celebration. While a lot of people notice the various pumpkin designs throughout the park, there are a few hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. One of my favorites can be found in the always well themed quick service restaurant, Sleepy Hollow!

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is themed around the classic 1949 Disney film, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. More specifically, around the Ichabod Crane section of the film where the main character becomes the music teacher of the town of Sleepy Hollow. During this portion of the film Ichabod and Brom Bones argue over the loveliest lady in town, Katrina.

On Halloween, Brom Bones relays the story of the Headless Horseman to Ichabod and other members of the party they are attended, which eventually results in the disappearance of Ichabod Crane from the town. So how does this tie with Sleepy Hollow at Liberty Square?

If you head to the window near the seating area at Sleepy Hollow and look in, you can find the actual guest list for that party that night! Here you can see that in addition to Katrina, Ichabod, and Brom Bones, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Van Ripper, Mr. and Mrs. Doffue Maretling, and Mr. and Mrs. Brouwoe also attended the party that fateful night.

Sleepy Hollow

But that's not all If you take a look at the bottom of the list you can find a small locket. The pictures inside it feature none other than Katrina and Ichabod Crane! 

Sleepy Hollow


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