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Fun Find Friday

May 25, 2012

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

October 1, 1971: it's a date that sticks with most die hard Disney fans. On that day Disney opened up Walt Disney World with six themed lands and several attractions that are still loved and enjoyed by guests to this day. Unfortunately, in six days, one of those opening day attractions, Snow White's Scary Adventures, will close for good. Over the next seven days we will be discussing all things Snow White in honor of this beloved opening day attraction.

Unlike most Fun Find Fridays where we focus on one specific detail, today we are going to dive all the way into this attraction while looking at some of the details that make this ride magical. After boarding your mine car you pass Snow White's wishing well, along with her castle off in the distance. Take a look at how similar the artwork upon the walls is to that of the Snow White room in World of Disney:

After entering into the first room you will find The Magic Mirror, which actually has all the signs of the Zodiac surrounding it! Again, keeping with consistency, below you can find images of two Magic Mirrors (the first from Snow White's Scary Adventures and the second from The Magic of Disney Animation over at Disney California Adventure). While the art style varies, the inclusion of the zodiac symbols, although in different art styles, still exist!

After entering the dwarfs cottage (where each is playing the same instrument or dancing in the same stance as they do in the film) pay close attention to the back wall where you can find a very unusual candle holder: a frog! This is actually the third attraction in Fantasyland that features a frog. Can you name the other two? (answer will be at the end of the article)

While passing through the kitchen, pay attention to the dishes and the pie. The dishes feature names of the dwarfs while the pie has Grumpy's name written upon it (much like in the actual film)!

While some of the little discoveries on the ride are simple and obvious (which is why we've never featured Snow White's Scary Adventures on a Fun Find Friday before) there is one that needs mentioning since it may be a mystery forever. Take a good look at the picture of the crest below:

It seems pretty simple, but if you notice in the bottom left panel (as seen below) you will find the letters WCS written in cursive. The meaning behind these letters is actually unknown! In fact, I have become so obsessed with figuring out these three letters over the past year that I have contacted guest relations on several occasions, talked to Cast Members who work the attraction, and at one point even contacted Dave Smith to figure out the answer. Unfortunately, not one of them know what WCS could stand for.

The most obvious assumption is it is an Imagineer who decided to leave their mark on the attraction, but it could also stand  for something else like Walt's Cool Secret.

Snow White's Scary Adventure may not be the most elaborate attraction or most popular, but its simplicity has kept it running for over 40 years. While this attraction will surly be missed, I can't wait to bring you more nods to this classic attraction throughout the next week.

And as for the answer to the frog question. You can also find a frog being held by a London child in "it's a small world" as well as a picture of Mr. Toad (similar to a frog so we'll count it this time) in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!


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