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Fun Find Friday

May 31, 2013

Location: Backlot, Disney's Hollywood Studios

In the past we've talked about how some attractions have subtle tributes to former attractions (for instance the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). In honor of Star Wars Weekends, we will be taking yet another look at Star Tours and one of its nods to an attraction that never called Disney's Hollywood Studios (or Disney-MGM Studios for that matter) home!

When Disney fans that frequent Walt Disney World think of Star Tours they often think of its home in Disney's Hollywood Studios, but the attractions history actually begins at Disneyland where the attraction actually has a home inside Tomorrowland itself. Prior to Star Tours launching into our hearts with Captain Rex (talked about last week) in 1987, guests could board Atommobiles on the classic attraction Adventures Thru Inner Space. Adventures Thru Inner Space called Tomorrowland home from 1967 until 1985 and had one of the most amazing pieces of machinery!

It was called the Mighty Microscope and it actually allowed guests to enter inside and shrink to the size of an atom! Quite remarkable really! During the attractions nearly twenty year run this Mighty Microscope was probably the most remarkable of all props used throughout the attraction. Naturally, this gave it the highest honor any prop can receive: it was placed within the attraction that would replace it!

While on the original Star Tours, Captain Rex takes guests on a "shortcut" to exit the hanger the attraction begins on. During this sequence guests begin to fall and crash into practically everything in sight. During this death defying experience, guests pass the one and old Mighty Microscope (as seen below)!

Mighty Microscope in original Star Tours
The Microscope can be found protruding from behind the control tower on the left hand side

Naturally, when Star Tours closed down Imagineers began to discuss different props from the original Star Tours that would make appearance in the new attraction. While Captain RX-24 and others made the cut, it was decided that the prop from Adventure Thru Inner Space, the Mighty Microscope itself, would also be added to the attraction!

So next time you are traveling through the Death Star, above the planet Geonosis, on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, search the left hand side of the screen just before you emerge from the Death Star. Here you will find the prop that has been in an attraction for over 45 years, the Mighty Microscope!

Mighty Microscope on Star Tours The Adventures Continue


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