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Fun Find Friday

May 11, 2012

Location: Storybook Circus, Magic Kingdom

That's right folks, we have entered Storybook Circus once again! It's amazing that an area that isn't even complete and is still relatively small has so many fun finds just waiting to be discovered. Today we are headed back to The Barnstormer as we take a little look at the history of Goofy!

When the Barnstormer used to be in Mickey's Toontown Fair the airplane was pretty basic and had no true story to it, besides being a crop duster:

While the new plane hasn't had a lot of upgrades, it has had an interesting addition to the back of the plane in the form of having both planes (yes, there are only two ride vehicles for The Barnstormer) by having both planes be numbered. What are the numbers? As you can see below 32 and 19. But what's the significance behind these two numbers?

So why are these two numbers so important? We need to go back to the Mickey Mouse short cartoon entitled Mickey's Revue. In the short Mickey is trying to put on a performance but one dog in the audience continues to laugh and laugh and laugh distracting everyone in the audience. Who was the dog? Dippy Dawg of course. Eventually Dippy Dawg would be renamed Goofy. Why is all of this important? The year the short cartoon debuted was 1932 (the two numbers found on the backside of the planes)!


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